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The College aims to provide education on the principles of sustainability. Therefore curricula provided by the College are diverse given each one emphasizes fundamental knowledge and principles of sustainable development and management. At present the College offers two undergraduate degree programs: Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism and Hospitality Management.
Sustainable tourism as an academic subject looks at ways to make tourism "responsible". Students learn ways to manage tourism in a constantly evolving environment and in such a way as to include the interests of local communities, businesses, governments and tourists. Necessarily, therefore, it is about learning how to balance all the conflicting demands palced on the environment without destroying that environment. [ More ]
Through a range of courses, students learn how tourism can be appropriately managed to ensure that tourists can get the experience they seek without negatively impacting the local community, culture, environment or resources so that the attraction of the destination remains for future generations. In particular, students learn how tourists can be accomodated with minimal environmental impact and how tourism can be used to fund the maintenance of a destination. [ More ]
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